AUTHOR: (writer) Bobby Crosby and (artist) Sarah Ellerton

ABOUT: cant realy describe it without making too much spoiler splill but essentially is about a deep and true love of two people in an impossible situation.

Apart from that read it. It’s not too long, and now that its finished you can easily read it through and through.

The beautiful art of Sarah E. (the phoenix requiem) along with the mind of Boby C. (marry me) makes this an undying work of art. The story itself is a contradiction of the imagination, not so easy to come up with nor to understand. Extremely original and touching, this endearing story about love makes it so without ever being too romantic or tooooo “blah” if you know what i mean ; ). A perfect illustrated novel that i don’t think anyone would regret reading.

Another match of two great artists. Can’t stop admiring neither the art, nor this fantastic story.

RATING: Brilliant…

ps. Both this comic and Phoenix requiem are for sale, support the artists ; ) *



AUTHOR: Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar

ABOUT: a energetic and overeacting girl that sets up a comic store to impress a guy.

An amazin’ strip comic that revolves around the nerd world (my world! and possible yours too if you’re reading this) and all the characters associated with it, in this comic book store. it has some parallel stories running as makeup marvel characters and another in a online gaming reality like wow.

The story goes with Jess (main character), the 4some nerds (four nerd friends always in her comic shop), her afroamerican brother and his girlfriend, gorgeous yet still-a-virgin Alabama boy named Guy, his like-a-syster Mel and finally Maureen, eternally in-love with Jess but a great friend nonetheless.

Amazingly funny and entertaining. i just re-read all the webcomic while i was preparing to write this post (*cof cof*)… so you get realy hooked up in it! the characters are great, the story is crazy and the pace is really good!

The author has been updating it faster than the current calendar, so the date of the updates is actually some years ago. sounds confusing but just ignore the dates and go with the story.

I really like this artist and his drawings, check it out, its worth it.


ps. HAHAHAHA :’D dumbass..


AUTHOR: (writer) Bobby Crosby and (artist) Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar

ABOUT: a pop star on the brink of a …….. love breakdown? that marry’s a random guy on stage because he’s holding a “marry me” sign.

apart from that? nothing to do with a normal pop star you-would-of-thought-life, an adventure filled with thrills, alot of unexpected events and details, overall very funny, well written and fantasticaly drawn : ) the plot is insane, seriously! dynamic drawings… trust me! its worth it ; )

i love Remy’s art, expression… and Bobby C. is a great writter, with several more comics under his belt. a good match!

RATING: Brilliant!



ABOUT: “a perfectly ordinary boy with no memory of the past and no urgency for the future; who one day accepts a most extraordinary offer to travel to distant places and invisible cities. “

i bumped into this comic on my bookmarks, that i don’t remember putting there.. but its just to beautifull to miss, and after this reunion! i strongly recommend it, at least browsing trough the panels and feel the slow story in you : )

its a perfect combination of original use of scripting and simple but beautiful panels.

the story is narrated when you hover you courser over it! there’s no text buble in it. its originality and the way the beauty of the panels are not compromised by text bubbles, makes it a fantastic creation, work of art.  its a wonderful and touching story in a magical universe.
plz do check it out : ) <3<3<3<3<3<3


*ps.: if you can’t see the dialogs (and there is plenty of text in this panel only comic) maybe your anti-script add-on is interfering? ; )

The Phoenix Requiem

AUTHOR: Sarah Ellerton

ABOUT: A nurse following her heart and defeating women-expectations mentality, encounters a mysterious man, with no true age and an attachment to the underworld/spirits. they embark on a journey to resolve the mysterys of his life and try to save the several villages afflicted with a strange disease, meanwhile dealing with feelings of love, fear, faith, and others convulsions o the human soul ;)

the story is misterious, well written, funny! an amazingly well drawn. CG comic all the way ( i cant start to imagine the hours spent…. ) ALL colour! 

edit* already finished it, its worth it. period. the ending would not be my exact choice but the artist did an amazing job, great mystery, very exciting and you realy get caught up in the characters emotions.


The Second coming :)

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