The Exquisited Beast



AUTHOR: Evan Dahm (from VATTU and The order of TALES) together with Yuko Ota (from johnny Wander, upcoming review)

ABOUT:” We’ll play with the aesthetic of living things and the process of natural selection, and may or may not end up with a biologically plausible series of beasts.”


It’s not actually a comic, but a joint venture between two amazing graphic artists playing with evolution. concept is simple, start with a basic beast/organism, and imagine the next step in evolution for it!

its currently on its 30ths beast evolution!! Awsomeness :D obvisouly… :D you should start reading from the first beast then… following the link posted in the picture for my favourite evolution status :)


ps. the hiatus in the post is due to limited time on internet as i am currently involved in a project in a Seychelles secluded atoll :)




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