Arctic Circle

AUTHOR:Alex Hallatt
ABOUT: daily cartoon strip about three penguins, Oscar, Ed and Gordo, who have emigrated from Antarctica to the Arctic. They join a small community that includes a polar bear, a lemming, a snow rabbit and an Arctic tern. commenting on environmental issues and anthropologic actions.

My dears, i come to you today with a webcomic that merges together two of my greatest and almost total passions in life.
That of art trough comics,  and that of love for nature, along with the necessity we have to try and preserve it as far as we can, dispite all the damage, wrong turns current society has taken.

Its a strip, with very clever jokes and a strong connection with the many wrongs in our society.
unfortunatly we cannot see all online, but we can periodically check the updates trough the newspaper website it cames out in and their website provides a decent (thought short) samples.

I leave you then with this green revolution hint, maybe it will inspire you to search and make your own mind about the current situation on homo sapiens VS mother gaia :) 




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