Order of Tales

AUTHOR:Evan  Dahm
ABOUT: “an adventure story that follows Teller Koark, the last member of a society of storytellers, as he becomies involved in a complex plot dealing with secrets lost in the history of Oversid.”

DOES NOT GET BETTER than this……………!!!!

awfull lot to say but few words can describe these works of art. Evan  Dahm (DAM! ;D) is
absolutely one of the greatest artist now in existance, comic wise.
he created a new exciting and strange world, that borders on our own imagination with characters so wild
and far off, that still you can related to them very strongly.

he has two completed stories, rice boy and the order of tales. i havent read the first, but order of tales is
amazingly put together with a intricate story and astonishing artwork, B&W granted, but once you start
you cant stop. the only problem… its too short for me! i could’ve gone reading it forever!
An adventure voyage along a new world, in order to save a story.



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