Evil Diva

AUTHOR: (concept) Peter Menotti, (art & writting) Brinson Thieme* and (inking) HAI

ABOUT: in a world where one can be either an angel or a devil, a nice devil girl conflicted by she should do receives a powerful scepter.

This webcomic i must say, is hard to classify.  the story line is pretty great, very funny, with parallel stories about Loki (north god) and the “old man”, Satan, Jesus (bartender ;] ) etc!

The main character is a little devil girl with a kind heart! actually perfect representation that good and evil are not black and white. she has a lunatic hell-hound for a dog, a super-never-lost-a-case-lawyer for a mom, and the right arm of Satan for a dad.
Pretty funny with beautiful art, it’s refreshing and very expressive. I loved it until it changed: unfortunately, things happen and the artist couldn’t draw it anymore*, so the style changed along with the artist. the new artist tried to make a smooth transition, and almost did before changing the style completly and making a break in the story.
After chapter seven, it can’t be said that it’s the same webcomic.
i recommend reading the first chapters, specially the side-comics ;) as they are amazing. mom kicks ass…


RATING: STUPENDOUS ! (1st to 6th chpt.)


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