Girls with Slingshots

AUTHOR: Danielle Corsetto
ABOUT: Hazel, unemployed drink-a-holic writter that lives above a cofe shop. it revolves around her groups of friends, their life, their love, and everything in between.

Its not a romantic comedy, its just a comic about a group of friends and heir endeavors in life. Allot of sexual content and references, and also personal orientation and questions of love vs sex puts many things in perspective.  its very well drawn, illustrated in color (mostly) with allot of characters, VERY funny.

If you want any insight into women’s brain there you have it (chaos ahaha).

One thing to point out in this webcomic, besides having started in 2004 and still going (so allot to read! and a complex story) it has, i believe, one of the best characters ever created: McPedro.

A Mariachi Cactus that has a Irish accent and a french mustache. it talks. i positively cried with laughter with some o the strips about him!!!
awesome character ;)

RATING: Priklheeeh Awsomeh!


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