PHD comics

here here! whoever went/is in college. i recently finished my master, and while writing my thesis i came to face with this piece of magical humor. its so true it hurts. who never had any of these situations while in university?

AUTHOR: Jorge Cham, PHD

ABOUT: the hilarious life that grad students live (and scary!)

Its my guess that university teachers have it tough… and they are all crazy as bats! awfully nice (or not depends) but they all share that broken DNA of craziness in them.

Either they ignore you 123892749238472342 34234 9 emails/texts/notes on their door, or they make random comments that you wont understand, they tell you stories about their trips abroad that you can’t believe, all and all they make life interesting, and for that, i’m very grateful to most of my teachers, whether i like them or can’t stand them. They have the PHD factor.

This webcomic besides portraying the life of a grad student to the last detail, its extremely funny and accurate, well drawn, overall an amazing webcomic.

They have a movie screening in the US and some other worldly Universities, i haven’t had the pleasure to watch but try it and let me know how it goes.

One of my all time favorites, a college genre taking your problems from real life and pasting them into hilarious situations, that YOU KNOW! to be TRUE!

if you just can’t take it anymore, this is a great way to vent your feelings and have a good laugh about the miseries surrounding your papers, never-ending presentations, impossible teachers/coordinators, etc..

Makes you appreciate those moments even more, under a new light. Thank you Dr. Cham, for illustrating our pain so hilariously : )

ps. the actual name of the webcomic is Piled Higher and Deeper ; )



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