AUTHOR: Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar

ABOUT: a energetic and overeacting girl that sets up a comic store to impress a guy.

An amazin’ strip comic that revolves around the nerd world (my world! and possible yours too if you’re reading this) and all the characters associated with it, in this comic book store. it has some parallel stories running as makeup marvel characters and another in a online gaming reality like wow.

The story goes with Jess (main character), the 4some nerds (four nerd friends always in her comic shop), her afroamerican brother and his girlfriend, gorgeous yet still-a-virgin Alabama boy named Guy, his like-a-syster Mel and finally Maureen, eternally in-love with Jess but a great friend nonetheless.

Amazingly funny and entertaining. i just re-read all the webcomic while i was preparing to write this post (*cof cof*)… so you get realy hooked up in it! the characters are great, the story is crazy and the pace is really good!

The author has been updating it faster than the current calendar, so the date of the updates is actually some years ago. sounds confusing but just ignore the dates and go with the story.

I really like this artist and his drawings, check it out, its worth it.


ps. HAHAHAHA :’D dumbass..


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