AUTHOR: (writer) Bobby Crosby and (artist) Sarah Ellerton

ABOUT: cant realy describe it without making too much spoiler splill but essentially is about a deep and true love of two people in an impossible situation.

Apart from that read it. It’s not too long, and now that its finished you can easily read it through and through.

The beautiful art of Sarah E. (the phoenix requiem) along with the mind of Boby C. (marry me) makes this an undying work of art. The story itself is a contradiction of the imagination, not so easy to come up with nor to understand. Extremely original and touching, this endearing story about love makes it so without ever being too romantic or tooooo “blah” if you know what i mean ; ). A perfect illustrated novel that i don’t think anyone would regret reading.

Another match of two great artists. Can’t stop admiring neither the art, nor this fantastic story.

RATING: Brilliant…

ps. Both this comic and Phoenix requiem are for sale, support the artists ; ) *


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