AUTHOR: Der-shing Helmer

ABOUT: “The Meek is a graphic novel about Angora, an inexperienced young girl who has been sent on a quest to save the world. War looms on the horizon, and at its helm is the Emperor of the North and his hellish adviser. The two countries are overwhelmed with as much terror, crime, disease and revolution as they are with those who wish to create peace. Armed with only her instincts and an unexplainable power, she must experience and judge the world—and decide once and for all if it is truly worth saving.”

Following three stories at the same time, converging into an event that will change the world! or at least, change something… its a great graphic design, FULL COLOR!!! :D the movemnts of the characters and their expressions are very fluid and funny. a great plot, you realy want the next page to know what happens next. very well developed characters, with different personalities, backgrounds, well established behaviours and “manias”. funny, serious, dramatic :) what will come next? its a great webcomic, still ongoing! so start reading :D

ps. i have been trying to publish this for the last 3 weeks, they don’t let me put the image up… so here you go th elink to the comic without a fancy example. you will love it anyway, the artwork is fantastic!  cant say no ;) frecking internet….



The Exquisited Beast



AUTHOR: Evan Dahm (from VATTU and The order of TALES) together with Yuko Ota (from johnny Wander, upcoming review)

ABOUT:” We’ll play with the aesthetic of living things and the process of natural selection, and may or may not end up with a biologically plausible series of beasts.”


It’s not actually a comic, but a joint venture between two amazing graphic artists playing with evolution. concept is simple, start with a basic beast/organism, and imagine the next step in evolution for it!

its currently on its 30ths beast evolution!! Awsomeness :D obvisouly… :D you should start reading from the first beast then… following the link posted in the picture for my favourite evolution status :)


ps. the hiatus in the post is due to limited time on internet as i am currently involved in a project in a Seychelles secluded atoll :)




AUTHOR:Evan  Dahm
ABOUT:”Vattu is a story following a member of a nomadic tribe caught in the midst of a massive clash of cultures. “

This is the third comic from Evan, taking place in the Overside as well ( a new adventure with new characters that will take your imagination there and beyond!

All colored this time, with some style adjustments but absolutely nothing negative to be said. it hasn’t finished yet but the level of greatness is the same or maybe even higher that the previous comics!

I really love this type of setting, its not sci-fi as its not in our universe or the future, its just another universe all together. another mind-blowing adventure by one of the greatest characters designers ever to have existed.

Arctic Circle

AUTHOR:Alex Hallatt
ABOUT: daily cartoon strip about three penguins, Oscar, Ed and Gordo, who have emigrated from Antarctica to the Arctic. They join a small community that includes a polar bear, a lemming, a snow rabbit and an Arctic tern. commenting on environmental issues and anthropologic actions.

My dears, i come to you today with a webcomic that merges together two of my greatest and almost total passions in life.
That of art trough comics,  and that of love for nature, along with the necessity we have to try and preserve it as far as we can, dispite all the damage, wrong turns current society has taken.

Its a strip, with very clever jokes and a strong connection with the many wrongs in our society.
unfortunatly we cannot see all online, but we can periodically check the updates trough the newspaper website it cames out in and their website provides a decent (thought short) samples.

I leave you then with this green revolution hint, maybe it will inspire you to search and make your own mind about the current situation on homo sapiens VS mother gaia :) 



Stuff sucks

AUTHOR: Liz greenfield    
ABOUT: life .. its turns in and out..sucky turns

a boy, working in a record store owned by a fanatic music-holic. a hot girlfriend soon to be ex-fiance, under-aged crazy girl with strange priorities, dubious friends and stuff
beautiful art, this graphic novel is depicted in small spaces, using the background uniform color to ascertain scene changes in the story line. wonky drawings and well versed dialogs.
it won the 2006 Clickie Award for Best Narrative.

just 6 chapters, but its enough for the well build characters enter your mind and its impressive ending leaves nothing untold.
RATING: Splendid!


*Note: update on x-mas evening would be blahh so im updating early this week, and not on a saturday ;) happy hollidays!

Order of Tales

AUTHOR:Evan  Dahm
ABOUT: “an adventure story that follows Teller Koark, the last member of a society of storytellers, as he becomies involved in a complex plot dealing with secrets lost in the history of Oversid.”

DOES NOT GET BETTER than this……………!!!!

awfull lot to say but few words can describe these works of art. Evan  Dahm (DAM! ;D) is
absolutely one of the greatest artist now in existance, comic wise.
he created a new exciting and strange world, that borders on our own imagination with characters so wild
and far off, that still you can related to them very strongly.

he has two completed stories, rice boy and the order of tales. i havent read the first, but order of tales is
amazingly put together with a intricate story and astonishing artwork, B&W granted, but once you start
you cant stop. the only problem… its too short for me! i could’ve gone reading it forever!
An adventure voyage along a new world, in order to save a story.


Evil Diva

AUTHOR: (concept) Peter Menotti, (art & writting) Brinson Thieme* and (inking) HAI

ABOUT: in a world where one can be either an angel or a devil, a nice devil girl conflicted by she should do receives a powerful scepter.

This webcomic i must say, is hard to classify.  the story line is pretty great, very funny, with parallel stories about Loki (north god) and the “old man”, Satan, Jesus (bartender ;] ) etc!

The main character is a little devil girl with a kind heart! actually perfect representation that good and evil are not black and white. she has a lunatic hell-hound for a dog, a super-never-lost-a-case-lawyer for a mom, and the right arm of Satan for a dad.
Pretty funny with beautiful art, it’s refreshing and very expressive. I loved it until it changed: unfortunately, things happen and the artist couldn’t draw it anymore*, so the style changed along with the artist. the new artist tried to make a smooth transition, and almost did before changing the style completly and making a break in the story.
After chapter seven, it can’t be said that it’s the same webcomic.
i recommend reading the first chapters, specially the side-comics ;) as they are amazing. mom kicks ass…


RATING: STUPENDOUS ! (1st to 6th chpt.)


AUTHOR:Doug TenNapel and colored by Katherine Garner.
ABOUT: a wild journey of a superhero named ratfist his tale and his rat.

when morals clash with the quest for answer everything turns upside down. this is a great webcomic with a dark illustration style and strange characters. a cancer research company with human animals mutations, timetravel, tiki space idols…? what? yes, that’s it.

a normal moral ambiguous guy gets rat superpowers after beeing bit by one, enters a crazy journey into its own and societys morality, by trying to take down a cancer research company that has been experimenting in ….  strange dog-man, robots, monkey-tuna-human creatures! with his partner the rat, and his tail, who has a mind of her own, cynical and realistic part of him i supose

Girls with Slingshots

AUTHOR: Danielle Corsetto
ABOUT: Hazel, unemployed drink-a-holic writter that lives above a cofe shop. it revolves around her groups of friends, their life, their love, and everything in between.

Its not a romantic comedy, its just a comic about a group of friends and heir endeavors in life. Allot of sexual content and references, and also personal orientation and questions of love vs sex puts many things in perspective.  its very well drawn, illustrated in color (mostly) with allot of characters, VERY funny.

If you want any insight into women’s brain there you have it (chaos ahaha).

One thing to point out in this webcomic, besides having started in 2004 and still going (so allot to read! and a complex story) it has, i believe, one of the best characters ever created: McPedro.

A Mariachi Cactus that has a Irish accent and a french mustache. it talks. i positively cried with laughter with some o the strips about him!!!
awesome character ;)

RATING: Priklheeeh Awsomeh!

PHD comics

here here! whoever went/is in college. i recently finished my master, and while writing my thesis i came to face with this piece of magical humor. its so true it hurts. who never had any of these situations while in university?

AUTHOR: Jorge Cham, PHD

ABOUT: the hilarious life that grad students live (and scary!)

Its my guess that university teachers have it tough… and they are all crazy as bats! awfully nice (or not depends) but they all share that broken DNA of craziness in them.

Either they ignore you 123892749238472342 34234 9 emails/texts/notes on their door, or they make random comments that you wont understand, they tell you stories about their trips abroad that you can’t believe, all and all they make life interesting, and for that, i’m very grateful to most of my teachers, whether i like them or can’t stand them. They have the PHD factor.

This webcomic besides portraying the life of a grad student to the last detail, its extremely funny and accurate, well drawn, overall an amazing webcomic.

They have a movie screening in the US and some other worldly Universities, i haven’t had the pleasure to watch but try it and let me know how it goes.

One of my all time favorites, a college genre taking your problems from real life and pasting them into hilarious situations, that YOU KNOW! to be TRUE!

if you just can’t take it anymore, this is a great way to vent your feelings and have a good laugh about the miseries surrounding your papers, never-ending presentations, impossible teachers/coordinators, etc..

Makes you appreciate those moments even more, under a new light. Thank you Dr. Cham, for illustrating our pain so hilariously : )

ps. the actual name of the webcomic is Piled Higher and Deeper ; )